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 [Accepted]GM Application [Movieboy88]

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PostSubject: [Accepted]GM Application [Movieboy88]   Thu Dec 18, 2008 12:35 am

Name- Victor or call me Vic


The Reason Why You Want To Be GM - I'm a very close friend to Apples xP BFF that is. I can animate very well and I can make good siggies :P. I really want to be GM cause its fun and I can be an organized GM. So I won't like spam all day like other would do.

Fix- I can fix computer problems. Dunno what you mean I think you mean errors in game right? I sorta may know but I need a little help xP but I do learn fast.

Where you got the idea- I got the idea from my friend Apples. He told me to become the GFX Forum Administrator and GM if I wanted to

Experience- Not much experience >.> but I can learn pretty fast.

Other Info about me- I make animations with flash and make siggies with Photoshop CS3! XP

I just wanna be GM so I can make the server better without other GMs who doesn't do their jobs.
Very Happy so tell me if I make it xP
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[Accepted]GM Application [Movieboy88]
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