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 Throws' GM application :D

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PostSubject: Throws' GM application :D   Mon Dec 22, 2008 1:57 pm

Hellos guys! Im Throws ,real name James. And i hope to be nominated as in-game GM. Very Happy

Im 15 years old;


I can speak Full English,Chinese while some Japanese & Malay.

A lil' bout me
I have played MapleSEA for like 2 years but i quitted it months ago because my friends left T.T. I was lucky to be able to find ItouchMS! The GMs were fun and friendly,so is the community.
I like playing ItouchMS.I've been waiting for the v62 for like 3~4weeks already.Im now absolutely excited about being able to rejoin ItouchMS again.:)
I love to do stuffs related to art and music. I get along with ppl pretty well and is patient as well.

I have been a in-game GM in another private server before,which is TSMS. I used to host daily events and some major events in weekends. I also help ppl,telling them the functions/shortcuts of the game. I also have a book of GM codes,which includes everything i should know.But that server went down due to the admin being unable to unbug the v62 of the server...T.T

Why do I want to be a GM?
A great question. Why would I want to be a GM?Basically, Im of different timezone then most the other Gms, so when players have doubts, they have someone to go to/seek help. When im online, i see some players helpless, so i helped them.But there are some things im unable to help when not a GM.

How did u find this server?
I found this server 3~4 weeks ago thru google search engine;and recommended it to my friends as i found ItouchMS fun and interesting.

My personality
I treat everyone or anyone equally, regardless of age,sex,race,size,height,mass, ETC
I will not giv special treatments to ppl in-game even when they are my frens. I hate ppl with bad attitude problems though, especially those who jus scolds unreasonably. If players ever beg me for items i will tell them the reasons why i cant, in order for them to understand. I will answer players questions no matter how many times they asked.

I hope i get picked as a GM, to help ppl ,and the server.Even if i do not get picked, I will still continue playing the server becos IT's MY DREAM SERVER!!! I will also continue helping ppl in need .

* A rejected GM application doesn't mean a failure in life *

~ ~ ~ItoucMS FTW~ ~ ~

== == Throws == ==
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PostSubject: Re: Throws' GM application :D   Mon Dec 22, 2008 4:19 pm

Nice,Long app.

I would accept it but no slots for gm sory :(

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Throws' GM application :D
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