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 Logan's GM application.

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PostSubject: Logan's GM application.   Wed Nov 12, 2008 2:06 am

Name: Logan
History: Well, for starters, I'm an excellent banner creator. I have been a GM in several other servers, and I know what it takes to be fair, improve the server, and still be a good friend. I'm a nice guy once you get to know me, but I'm not always so light. I stand my ground if I am insulted. If you do something that angers me in any sort of manner, I guarantee, we will not get along. I'm looking to make you guys an amazing banner. I assure you that it will be one of my greatest. I'm new to this server, and from what I've seen, I love it. You guys have done an excellent job progressing it and I guarantee it will improve.

Why do you think you're capable of the position?
I know how to be fair to others. There will be NOBODY who gets anything free, unless worked in an event to get it, or approved by TouchGod. I think the experience of being a GM in several other servers is a good way to find somebody willing to do things the right way.

Facts: For one, my Dad has recently "grounded" me from Maplestory, but they will be on a Cruise for some time now, and I decided to Download it again. When they get back, I will use my friends computer to get on and do my fair share of work to hang out with everybody and make sure that I still get on and not become inactive.

Not to keep dragging on with these explanations, but must I say one more thing?
I can recruit people like no tomorrow. I'll pass out ads and banners like candy.

If this Application is not approved, I understand, but I assure you that I will not stop playing this server. It's a great opportunity to make some friends and have a good time.
Well, so long everybody, thank you for reading this message. ^.^

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PostSubject: Re: Logan's GM application.   Wed Nov 12, 2008 11:52 am

Although you may be a little newer here, you seem pretty qualified for the job.
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PostSubject: Re: Logan's GM application.   Thu Nov 13, 2008 10:08 pm

Middle For Me =l
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PostSubject: Re: Logan's GM application.   

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Logan's GM application.
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